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which america could take military action in syria this as calls grow to forcefully respond to evidence that the assad regime killed hundreds of its own people with chemical weapons. >>> the wildfire the size of the chicago raging in and around a cherished american landmark, the yosemite national park but the rim fire poses a threat to hundred of thousands of residents in san francisco and it is a 150 miles away. we'll tell you about that. >>> sentencing for the army major convicted of killing 13 people in the fort hood shooting massacre the will nidal hasan get life in prison or the death penalty. but first right now, brand new stories. >> inyou had concluding this one, jon, busted for buging? a new report says the nsa cracked videoconferencing system at u.n. and apparently that is not all. >>> plus jody arias is back before a judge. today we could learn when the retrial of the convicted killer's penalty phase will begin. >>> and there is talk about making an entrance? bandits storm a pawn shop. why what they got away with has police very worried. it is all happing right now. jon: good
side is particularly liberal. neither side is particularly friendly to the kind of values america wants. that's a food reason for us to be out of it. because we can't back a military that is shooting people in the streets. but the brotherhood is not promoting democratic values either. it is really bad situation. alisyn: so what can the u.s. do? you say we should stay out of it. really? just sit on our hand? is that what we do as we watch 600 people now be killed? >> what we first have to do is recognize we have no leverage the administration talks as if we control events but we obviously don't. otherwise we wouldn't be in the situation. i think it is important for us to step back and make it clear we are not in control. to the extent we can promote and mediate and get a better solution, let's do so but we haven't had much success so far. let's have no illusions about our influence. alisyn: does our $1.5 billion of yearly aid give us any influence? what about senator rand paul was just saying quote that i read that it is time to cut that off? >> well he's right. that is what u.s. law req
is there are no good guys there. there are opportunity to protect america's interest if we continue with the military and continue our relationship with the military. >> reporter: another facet for the president back at home and back at work, later this thursday and friday he plan ad bus tour through new york and pennsylvania, up state new york. he wants to talk about the middle class and economy and jobs. this would be another example in egypt where outside events, whether it would be controversies back here at home or international crises are really overshadowing his domestic agenda. he has a stalled second term agenda, right now, jon. jon: even someone as powerful as the president is at the whim of world events. ed henry, thank you. >> a lot on his plate. jon: he sure does. >> turning to south africa where "blade runner" oscar pistorius was charged with premeditated murder in the death of his girlfriend. the double amputee appeared tearful as prosecutors laid out their case in court. that indictment sends the case to the higher court and that's where the judge will pronounce the athlete innocent o
-assad. that would bring the rebels to power. i don't think that is in america's interest. on the other side the administration could deliver a fairly weak attack, what our military refers to disparagingly ascertaining spanking, and that looks like direction they're going in if you have to pick at this moment. think that would send a terrible signal, both to the assad regime and other proliferators like iran. that the administration is not really serious about non-proliferation. it would say to assad, yes, we can use chemical weapons, yes, we can. not at no cost but at a minimal cost, an acceptable cost. iran would conclude from that i think they should simply continue with their nuclear weapons program, or if anything accelerate and get nuclear weapons. once they cross the nuclear threshold there won't be any u.s. attack. jon: so that the u.s., in striking at a military, well, dictator who is willing to sacrifice his own civilian citizens is willing to lose some members of his military to pursue a policy that keeps him in power? >> look, the american national interest here is all we need to
or or here in america. al qaeda in the arabian peninsula based in yemen identified as the primary force behind the plot. lawmakers on the sunday talk shows sacreddable threat suggest that a major attack is about to happen. >> there is awful lot of chatter out there among terrorists about the planning that is going on. very reminiscent of what we sue saw pre9/11. this is the most ear russ threat i've seen in the last several years. >> we need to know and realize we're living in an increasingly dangerous world. this specific threat that we've been briefed on over and over again has reach ad new level. >> this is a wake-up call. al qaeda in any ways stronger than it was before 9/11 because it has mutated and spread and can come at us from different directions. al qaeda in a arabian peninsula is the most deadly of the al qaeda affiliates. >> 19 diplomatic posts are closed through end the week. britain, france and germany closing their embassies in yemen. jennifer griffin is live at the pentagon. jennifer, how unusual is this warning? >> reporter: it is very unusual, kelly. the state departm
exactly who he is talking about. in the meantime one of the most outspoken businessmen into america might try to pay his way into the white house, so he says. donald trump is willing to shell out big bucks for presidential bid in 2016. he had a short run campaign in the republican primaries but dropped out to back former governor mitt romney. "the donald" explaining just how far he is willing to dig into his wallet. >> if you were to run for president, how much would you be will to spend on your campaign? >> if i made a decision i would spend a lot. >> a modern presidential campaign can be half a billion dollars. >> can be or more. no, i would be willing to spend, if i did it i would spend whatever it took. jenna: if, if he did it. claiming a fortune more than $10 billion, trump said voters would see a man who built a company with tremendous net worth. he hasn't been totally forthcoming about how much money is actually in his companies which has been controversial over the last self years but that's what he says his company is worth. we'll take him at his word. >> he has been accused in t
. martha: see you back here tomorrow. another day with gregg. "happening now" starts right now. "america's newsroom" which is you, have a good day. we'll see you tomorrow. jon: fox news alert on two high-profile military courts-martial right now. a judge sentences army private bradley manning to 35 years in prison. he was convicted in one of the largest leaks of u.s. secrets in history. in texas the accused fort hood shooter rests his case without calling any witnesses to testify on his behalf. nidal hasan is accused of killing 13 people and wounding dozens at the military base in 2009. he could face the death penalty. we have live reports on both of these cases coming up. but first, brand new stories and breaking news. >> she was taken against her will by a suspected killer and family friend. now a request for this kidnapped teenager to give a dna sample. who is asking for this very personal information? >>> also, is it safe to go into the woods if you're end of summer plans take you outside. you better beware. our medical experts on the rising signs of ticks. >>> video of an unbelievab
right now, saying america doesn't determine the future of egypt. we want a peaceful, democratic, prosperous country. how do you think those words are being heard on the streets of cairo today? >> they're not being heard very much at all. when the people see more than 500 people dead and international community is bassally sittings on its arms and doing nothing. and giving, in their opinion, tacit approval to the killings that the generals and military is carrying out. they really want actions and the international community doesn't have anything to give them. jenna: let me talk a little bit about the muslim brotherhood leaders you met with. there are a few narratives emerging from the news last couple days. these are innocent protis terse that the government is cracking down on violently and quite frankly in the wrong way. but then you have other news that is suggesting that the protesters are not that innocent. they are armed as well and are firing and stoking, aggression from the military. and it is tough to make sense of what's right. is there a good side and a bad side in eg
and for informant information. virtually every day in courts around america a judge is notified of this, the defendant is notified that there's a defendant or classified information, and that information is examined by the judge in secret, and he takes a look at it to see whether it would work out. so, you know, for fisa and for classified information from informant information, defendants are already notified when there's evidence. but in this case, apparently, they aren't. there was a case in arizona last week where a when the identity of the informant became known, the case was dismissed because he was a known con man. jenna: interesting. so that gets back to the point that your article brings up as well as to whether or not the person in the trial is actually getting a fair one. >> right. i mean, the aclu, some current prosecutors and former judges, you know, they say this violates the constitutional right to examine the pretrial discovery, the evidence that the government may use against you, the information the government has that could be helpful or is relevant could be exculpato
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it in their words were to tell america's story to the world. some might say that's propaganda, that has a bad intonation, but some might say that's public diplomacy as well. and you say we need to bring something like that back, that's sole focus is about promoting america and countering the narrative. what was the response to that suggestion? and what do you think that will look like now compared to maybe what it looked like in the 1950s and '60s? >> well, one of the things that several u.s. presidents like ronald reagan did so effectively existence the soviet union during the -- against the soviet union during the cold war was to undermine the ideology of the soviets, undermine marxism, leninism. part of the struggle with al-qaeda and all its allies and affiliates is a war of ideas. so one of the things i suggested to take a look more seriously at how the u.s. is supporting efforts to undermine al-qaeda's ideology. we had a structure in place to do that. we had organizations like radio-free europe, radio liberty which did that across eastern europe behind the iron curtain during the cold wa
lee, and this move marks the first tangible step in network's effort -- america's effort to bring to justice those responsible for the attack which happened last september 11th. ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans were murdered that day. the charges are sealed at this time, but we know several suspects are included, and we're told one of them is the founder of libya's islamist militia,al sharia. right now no one has been arrested. steve centanni's live in washington on this top story. the charges are sealed, but what do we know about them? >> reporter: very little is known at this point. the indictment has been issues, we don't know exactly what the charges are, we also don't know exactly who is being named, though we have some idea. but this is the first criminal indictment in the aftermath of the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi, an attack, as you mentioned, that left four americans dead. a u.s. official confirmed the indictment while the justice department, on the record, is only saying that the investigation is ongoing and remains a top priority. n
radio. that is always a lot of fun. i will be back for america live today. busy day. bill: look for you then. okay, everybody, have a great day. "happening now" starts right now. catch you on thursday. martha: bye, everybody. jenna: we start off with a fox news alert and a state of emergency declared in egypt today. the acting egyptian government announced this will last one month and be in effect across that country. what that means, the armed force, the military is now ordered to help enforce security. this is following violence as police moved in to break up those camps that have been supporting the former president who is aligned with muslim brotherhood. his name, mohammed morsi. we're getting reports of dozens killed, not only protesters but also police as well as more reports of christians being targeted inside that country. a live report from the middle east moments from now. >>> first right now, brand new stories and breaking news. jon: a disaster for ups to tell you about. one of its cargo planes crashing just outside of the airport in birmingham, alabama. there were no
and turns out not to be the case, it dilutes america's recall moral authority and dilutes americans trust in government. what do you think? >> i think glen makes very good points in his piece. you may know him as inst-pundit. he is a big blogger. the larger point glen is getting at when you have a government that operates as if everything it does is simply self-justifying. that as richard nixon once said, if the president does it, it can't be illegal. barack obama says he can rewrite a congressionally-passed law on a whim or unilaterally without consulting congress because that's what he needs to do to make these changes, he is essentially, basically saying that the government is, is in effect a rogue operator and that whatever the government does is legal and whatever they can get away with is fine. you see that running the course throughout a lot, sometimes scandals, sometimes simply policy moves that this administration makes. there is deep irony here. this is the guy going around for five years, you know, insisting that government is us. and that we shouldn't be afraid of the governme
whether the affordable care act is hurting our workforce. >>> al-jazeera america launching this week. we will talk with howard kurtz about the new cable player. too big. too small. too soft. too tasty. [ both laugh ] [ male announcer ] introducing progresso's new creamy alfredo soup. inspired by perfection. [ crashing ] [ male announcer ] when your favorite food starts a fight, fight back fast with tums. heartburn relief that neutralizes acid on contact and goes to work in seconds. ♪ tum, tum tum tum tums! heather: right now some international headlines that we're watching for you at this hour. two deadly explosions in northern lebanon. it may have been a coordinated attack at two mosques packed with people on a day of prayer. the health minister saying that more than two dozen are dead and more than 300 have been injured. the bombings come as tensions rise over the civil war in neighboring syria. >>> and another attack in lebanon, this one coming from the south. israeli warplanes striking suspected terror target out of bay right. after al qaeda inspired militants fired 4:00 rockets fr
with the duty to protect the national security interests of the united states of america and the decision he makes, about the decisions, that he makes about our foreign policy is with our national security interests, front and center. >> reporter: breaking right now. we just got a statement at the last moment or two from the carter senator in atlanta. former democratic president jimmy carter putting out a statement, in part, a punitive military response without a u.n. security council mandate or broad support from nato and the arab legal would be illegal under international law and unlikely to alter the course of the war. it give you a flavor of the intensity the president's feeling not just from republican critics on the hill who want to hear more information about what the mission might be but also some of his fellow democrats. alisyn? >> absolutely. we know last night they had this i guess, 90-minute teleconference between white house officials and top lawmakers. so what was the response to congress after that? >> reporter: inside the white house they feel like they're trying to go the ex
's old obama for america campaign organization now called organizing for america is trying to, well, i guess they're going to mount a campaign to try to get young people to pay for their health insurance, to start buying their health insurance. that is going to be a tall order, it would seem to me, to try to convince people to voluntarily go out and spend hundreds of bucks a year on health insurance just to live up to the obamacare standards. chris frates, thank you very much. >> thank you, jon. alisyn: and did you watch this yesterday? ariel castro sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole plus a thousand years. he pleaded guilty to kidnapping, murder and rape charges after holding those three young women captive for years. we have all of the details from the dramatic sentencing hearing. and what castro's life will be like from now on. >>> and monday's reportedly the deadline for more than a dozen major league baseball players to census pensions for ties to the sport's latest drug scandal. the big names on the list, and what could happen if they do not take that de
. that will bring total of the destroyers to five. one of america's closest allies says a military strike is not says a military strike is not . >>> one recalling the obamacare process a train wreck. >>> sometimes you need the burger fast. could a strike get between you and your big mack today? emac has the answer. e its is "happening now." 10. jon: good morning to you the white house is working to bolster case on syria. there could be days before there is any action. hello, i'm jon scott. >> jon, great to be with you. i'm alisyn camerota in for jenna today. u.s. officials gather intelligence to justify military action against the assad regime. jon: just yesterday president obama said there is no doubt the syrian government carried out last week's chemical attack killing hundreds of people. he added, he has not made a decision yet on authorizing a strike. u.n. inspectors are collecting evidence at the site of the alleged attack are expected to leave syria on saturday and report their findings to u.n. secretary-general ban ki-moon. britain said it will hold off joining any military efforts
new plans to overhaul america's mortgage system today. he's going to propose shutting down government-backed lenders fannie mae and freddie mac, plus, he wants to boost the number of 30-year mortgages in this market hoping it will make loans more accessible to more people so they can fulfill the american dream. carl cameron has more from washington. so a lot of proposals, carl. we're not sure exactly what will become of them, but what is the president proposing today in. >> reporter: well, he wants to strengthen the housing market by making 30-year mortgages more available, and one of the ways would be to do away with fannie mae and freddie mac and institute more capital into mortgage lending. shaun donovan is the president's hud secretary, the secretary of housing and urban development. he's how he put it this morning. >> we also have to make sure we never go back to a system that takes trillions of dollars in housing wealth away from families that can crash the spire world economy. so -- the entire world economy. so a big focus is how do we build a safe, stable housing finance syste
're intrigued i see. >> sounds juicy to me. arthel: america's top brass says the military is ready to act if president obama gives the command to strike syria. i'm arthel neville in for jenna lee. >> i'm gregg jarrett in for jon scott. glad you're with us. the obama administration is signaling it may not wait for the go ahead from the international community. right now u.n. inspectors are on the ground in syria trying to finalize their own investigation about a horrendous chemical weapons attack last week. one that secretary of state john kerry blames squarely on the bashar al-assad regime. today the defense secretary chuck hagel issuing a strong reminder that american warships are already in position off the syrian coastline. in an interview secretary hagel told the bbc, quote, we have moved assets in place to be able to fulfill and comply with whatever option the president wishes to take. when asked if the military is ready to respond, secretary hagel said, quote, we're ready to go, like that. in the meantime syrian government accusing the united states of lying. leland vittert live in
courthouse in cleveland, ohio, the man in the orange jumpsuit man one of the most reviled men in america right now, ariel castro. convicted or has pleaded guilty to 937 counts in connection with the abductions and imprisonment of three, well, formerly young women, now grown women. and one of them you see sitting there in the courtroom in that, how would you describe it -- jenna: a patterned blouse right in the middle there. jon: that is michele knight, the first of his victims. she, we believe, is actually going to testify as part of a victim impact statement. she was the oldest of all of his victims, oldest when she was kidnapped and oldest now, obviously. we expect we will be hearing from her. jenna: the final psychiatrist that was on the stand talked a little bit about michelle as being extraordinary, extremely courageous because she's the one that for the rest of the women served as not only a midwife, a pediatrician, but also their protecter in some cases as well. he really had that moment, jon, where as an expert he was reflecting on how someone survives in such conditions and rise
for you. >> it was great to have you here, kelly. >> great to be here. >> america live starts right now. >> we start this hour with a fox news alert. less than two hours away from president obama's first formal solo news conference since april, a look for you in the white house. reporters expected to pepper him with questions about his decision not to meet with russian president vladimar putin and the administration's continued use of the controversial talking point. i am jamie colby. >> and i am greg
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)